Vision & Mission

Vision and Mission


The Office of Research, Innovation & Commercialization (ORIC) will accelerate the pace of high-quality research by fostering linkages and communication between research intellectuals, professionals, promoting innovation and assuring adherence to ethical and regulatory standards.

Our primary goals are continual success of the University as an internationally valued research source.


Research is used as an academic dialogue, to include not only the diverse activities relating to publication, performance and presentation.

ORIC's mission is:

  • to support and facilitate faculty and students efforts to expand the area of human knowledge, creativity and forms of expression, particularly in those disciplines in which University awards the graduate an M. Phil. degree.
  • to contribute to improvements in professional practice through dissemination of research knowledge.
  • to serve as a resource and depository for information and knowledge-base.
  • to engage in research to contribute to development of Social Sciences, professional practice and technology.