Steps to follow in Thesis II

Steps to follow in Thesis II

For your convenience and to exactly know that on which step of Thesis II you are, following are the stages in order to complete Thesis II.

Step 1:

Getting Registered in Thesis II on the basis of Passing Thesis I.

Step 2:

Announcement of Thesis II students with respective supervisors as approved by ORIC placed on the notice board.

Step 3:

Attending Thesis II feedback class every week for feedback on Thesis II work.

Step 4:

Keeping a constant liaison with the respective Thesis II supervisor and maintaining minute sheet of every week and submitting it in the Thesis II feedback class.

Step 5:

After completion of Thesis II, submission to the Associate Office of ORIC with all the formalities as listed on the ORIC notice board.

Step 6:

A week after submission, the examination will be fixed with the panel of two thesis examiners approved by ORIC.

Step 7:

The Student at the Examination time has to defend his/her thesis in presentation format.

Step 8:

The Examiners provide the status of the evaluation of the given thesis within two days.

Step 9:

ORIC prepares the final comment sheet within a week's time after receiving the evaluation sheets from the thesis examiners.

Step 10:

As the comment sheets are ready, ORIC informs the students via phone call and/or SMS.

Step 11:

The student after receiving the comment sheet requires making modifications in the thesis with the assistance of their Thesis II supervisor. In case of Re-Viva, which is mentioned in the comment sheet the student to revisit his/her Thesis as per the examiner(s) advice in 15 days time and re-appear in Re-Viva Exam as scheduled by ORIC.

Step 12:

The student is to submit the required modifications i.e. the Re-submission (Final Submission) of the thesis to the Associate Office of ORIC after a week's time with the all formalities as mentioned on the ORIC Notice Board.

Step 13:

At the point of Thesis Re-submission (Final Submission) with all the formalities, the student thesis is accepted at ORIC for Thesis Pass Notification (on the approval of his/her Thesis II supervisor ) and then the student has to submit a final copy of complete Approved Thesis in a CD format and is required to extract a Research Paper out of the Thesis, which be duly signed by the student's Thesis II supervisor as it should be submitted in a hard-copy format as well. The research paper should also be present in the final CD format.

Step 14:

Once the student has submitted the final Thesis CD and Research Paper in both formats (hard and soft copy) then he/she is eligible for collecting the certificate of Pass Thesis from Head Office of ORIC and getting the certificate bind in the final three Thesis bind copies as guided Head Office of ORIC.

Step 15:

After submitting the Theses Bind copies to Head Office of ORIC, the student is given the Original Thesis Certificate and the student's Final Pass Notification with all formalities is sent to the Examination department for updating the result and then the student is eligible for the Issuance of the Final Transcript and respective Degree.

Note: Avoiding Plagiarism is a necessary act as per the HEC and IU Policy. The non-compliance may terminate the respective degree of the offender.