Steps to follow in Thesis I

Steps to follow in Thesis I

For your convenience and to exactly know that on which step of Thesis I you are, following are the stages in order to complete Thesis I.

Step 1:

Getting Registered in Thesis I Class according to student's specialization.

Step 2:

Topic selection in liaison with Thesis I main and co-supervisor.

Step 3:

Replication check by ORIC on the Thesis I topics selected, as provided by each Thesis I main supervisor.

Step 4:

Preparing Research Proposal of the finalized topic selected in liaison with Thesis I main and co-supervisor.

Step 5:

Finalization of Research Proposal and Turnitin Plagiarism Check by getting it duly signed by your Thesis I main supervisor within a semester's time-period.

Step 6:

Submission of duly signed Research Proposal by your Thesis I supervisor, Turnitin Plagiarism Certificate 0% and Thesis II supervisor selection form to Associate Office of ORIC on the dates announced by ORIC.

Step 7:

New Thesis II List based on the results of Thesis I announced on the ORIC Notice Board

Step 8:

Incase of Pass, getting registered in Thesis II and incase of Incomplete/Withdraw/Fail contacting ORIC.

Note: Avoiding Plagiarism is a necessary act as per the HEC and IU Policy. The non-compliance may terminate the respective degree of the offender.