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Pre-Requisite course for Research Project – I: Statistical Inference
Pre-Requisite course for Research Project – II: Research Project - I
Pre-Requisite course for Thesis-I:  Research Methods
Pre-Requisite course for Thesis-II: QTA and Thesis-I


Every student graduating under Bachelor or Masters Program must undergo research work where he/she will be writing a research report/thesis respectively.

Students must successfully complete and submit their research work within a semester (RP-I, RP-II, Thesis-I and Thesis-II).

Students must successfully defend their theses in front of a panel after the submission as prescribed by Examination Schedule for viva examination by ORIC.


The panel for judging the thesis will consist of at least two members to be selected by the Office of ORIC from the list of potential examiners formulated by the Director Research and Publications, ORIC.

In the case of research report for a Bachelors degree, the students may work in groups of a maximum of five.

In the case of a thesis at the Masters level/MPhil, no group work will be allowed and each candidate will submit his/her individual thesis.

At MBA/ MPHIL level the thesis-I/ thesis-II will be graded as Pass (P), Incomplete (I) or Fail (F). In the case of Fail, the student will be allowed to re-do thesis and resubmit to ORIC after being re-enrolled in a fresh semester.

At BBA level the RP-I/ RP-II will be graded as Pass (P), Incomplete (I) or Fail (F). In the case of Fail, the student will be allowed to re-do research proposal/research project and resubmit to ORIC after being re-enrolled in a fresh semester.

The old thesis-II examination fee of Rs. 3,000/- will continue to be charged in case of Masters/MPhil students and research project-II examination fee of Rs. 1,000/- incase of BBA students.


Students which are enrolled with a certain supervisor in Thesis-I should continue Thesis-II with the same supervisor. While, ORIC has the right to amend and balance the students distributed proportion.

The supervisor will guide the student in his/her research work as per the policy at every stage of research/thesis work.


Student must first decide about the possible area of his/her research i.e. MIS, Marketing, Economics, Finance, Management, International Business in Thesis-I supervision class.

ORIC will then confirm and approve the research title for the thesis.

After this, the student can start working on his/her proposal for research under the guidance of the supervisor in Thesis-I class.

This proposal will then be submitted to ORIC for evaluation. (ORIC should not take more than one week to evaluate).

After the approval of the ORIC, the student will then continue to work on his/her actual Thesis. (i.e. Thesis-II).

Once the Thesis-II is complete then student should submit required copies of Thesis-II to the ORIC and ORIC will appoint the panel of members for evaluation and viva examination.

Lastly, student will be asked to defend his/her thesis after the panel has received his/her Thesis-II research work. This defense will be done within 15 days after the submission of thesis.

ORIC will issue a detailed comment sheet on the Evaluation of Thesis/Thesis Examination one week after the viva examination.

The Certificate of Resubmission (Final Submission) duly signed by Thesis supervisor shall translate that supervisor has made student to incorporate all required modification as suggested by examiners/ORIC via comment sheet.

Once the Thesis Certificate of Resubmission (Final Submission) will be signed by the supervisor, the ORIC will accept the resubmission certificate and the attached thesis draft for the Pass Notification of results. 

6. Thesis Examination: Code of Conduct (MBA/MPHIL)

Following stated are the rules, guidelines and procedures for the Graduate and Postgraduate studies that pertain to the administration of the appointment of thesis examiners. While the stated rules are in absolute terms, it is intended that they be administered with some degree of flexibility and, to that end, the Director of Research and Publications is empowered to grant exceptions, extensions and variances, upon written request and explanation.

The Director of Research and Publications (Office of Research, Innovation & Commercialization (ORIC)) is responsible for the thesis supervisions and examinations. However, this responsibility in general is delegated to Manager Research of the ORIC for the sake of clarity in describing common practice in research supervisions and examinations guidelines.

Faculty Examination Requirements

The Thesis examination at graduate and post-graduate studies requires a final oral examination.

The examiners will be informed via formal appointment letter about thesis examination schedule.

The examiners have to collect the thesis documents from the Office of ORIC.

No changes in approved timetables, composition of examination committees, sequences of events, etc., may be introduced without prior approval from the Director Research and Publications - ORIC.

Thesis Oral Examinations

1- Right of Student to Submit and Defend Thesis

A student who has successfully completed all courses of Graduate Studies (MBA/MPHIL) and other relevant program requirements has the right to submit and defend a thesis as per the advice of the supervisor.

2- Examiner’s Report on Thesis

Before the oral examination, each examiner is required to prepare an assessment of the thesis on the official Evaluation form given with the Thesis.
The assessments are CONFIDENTIAL: they are not to be made available to the student before the final decision of the examination is given by the office of ORIC. After the examination, the examiners should transmit the thesis document copies with the evaluated forms and additional examiner’s comments to the Thesis Administrator-ORIC. After the examination, the ORIC will inform the students about the availability of thesis results.

3- Thesis Examination Regulations

The Thesis examination is a formal examination restricted to thesis examination only.

4- Questioning of the Candidate

No one other than the examiners (as identified on the appointment letter by ORIC) are allowed to question the candidate. All examiners must be given an opportunity to question the candidate after the complete presentation given by the candidate.

5- Length of Examination

The oral examination is limited 15-20 minutes of presentation. Where only last 5-7 minutes are comprised upon the question answer session. 

6- Examination Procedures

General questioning to the candidates i.e. not relevant to the subject/topic of the thesis should be avoided by the examiners.

Questions to the candidate should be clearly and concisely phrased in order to minimize doubt in the candidate's mind as to what is being asked. The student should be given reasonable time to answer. If the student has understood the question but cannot answer, the examiner should pass to another question and not attempt to extract an answer by prolonged interrogation.

7- Official Examiners Recommendations on the thesis evaluation form

After the day of the Oral examination completion, the examiners should submit the thesis results (thesis copies, evaluation sheet and additional recommendations) within two days.
Along with the evaluated thesis documents to the office of ORIC.

8- Disputes

while examination, any occurrence of dispute/issues over the subject of thesis, the examiners should directly and formally report the matter to the Director Research & Publication - ORIC.
The discussion of the issue would take place in the presence of the candidate’s supervisor.

Note: Avoiding Plagiarism is a necessary act as per the HEC and IU Policy. The non-compliance may terminate the respective degree of the offender.