Environmental Scan of Research by ORIC

Environmental Scan of Research

The definition of research at Iqra University is the study, which comprises on working papers, research Journal and publication, research and publication committees, thesis writing, thesis databank, thesis abstract journal, research assembly and conference.

A common view at IU that research is an integral part of academics for the faculty and the students. The perception has been reinforced by invigorating research process as well as emerging performance indicators and the teaching load expectations of the research faculty. From the perspective of faculty, these are scholarly endeavors than their ability to teach.

ORIC encourages and appreciates the collaboration (think-tank) of different departments of the University for adding value and impart new insights to the research teaching for better results.

Besides this, ORIC has already formulated:

  • The policy and procedures for thesis writing and thesis examinations (annexure-1)
  • Incorporation of the Anti-plagiarism activities: online and in-house both by using the licensed anti-plagiarism software
  • In-house research databank
  • IU in-house abstract journal
  • Proposal of the formation of Research Colloquium

Moreover, ORIC is also engaged in:

  1. Endeavoring for ranking of IU by the HEC in support with ISI Thompson as research output university.
  2. The image-building outside the university by identifying mal-practices in the research arena.

This review is based on the ORIC's on-going counseling, meetings and feedbacks with the research supervisors, examiners, senior faculty and the research students.